CUFI’s petition calling for the UK to withdraw from the Iran deal has exceeded 11,000 signatures. Here are 25 reasons why we believe the time has come for Britain to end the deal and take a stronger stand against the Iranian regime.

Iran has:

  1. Threatened to kill UK troops. here
  2. Arrested our UK ambassador, breaking international law. here
  3. Unlawfully imprisoned UK citizens. here
  4. Breached the Iran nuclear deal. here
  5. Enriched uranium to levels higher than before deal. here
  6. Lied to the world about shooting down plane. here
  7. Bullied civilian oil tankers in the Gulf. here
  8. Illegally captured and held a British oil tanker. here
  9. Coordinated terror attacks across Middle East. here
  10. Funded Hamas, Hezbollah and other terror groups. here
  11. Attacked our closest ally, the United States.
  12. Supported anti-Israel demos in London. here
  13. Cyber-attacked the NHS and UK Members of Parliament. here here
  14. Threatened to wipe out Israel. here
  15. Promoted anti-Semitic conspiracies.
  16. Spread anti-Israel propaganda.
  17. Developed missiles that can reach Israel and eastern Europe. here
  18. Tested ballistic missiles.
  19. Set up terror bases in Syria. here
  20. Backed Hezbollah’s foiled bomb plot in London, involving 3 tonnes of explosives. here
  21. Suppressed freedom of speech. here
  22. Persecuted Christian converts.
  23. Harassed Iranian athletes and celebrities. here
  24. Abused human rights of its own citizens. here
  25. Brutally cracked down on anti-regime protesters. here
    and more…



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