Holocaust Remembrance

Remembrance and education are key to ensuring “Never Again”. We’ve selected some of our most viewed items that we trust will equip you as you engage in remembering the Holocaust. 


Watch the 2022 Holocaust Remembrance Day commemoration

A special ceremony for International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2022 was co-hosted by the UK Foreign Office and Israeli Embassy. The ceremony includes speeches from Ambassador Tzipi Hotovely, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, Lord Eric Pickles and Lord Tariq Ahmad. There is also a moving testimony shared by Holocaust survivor, Lily Ebert BEM, introduced by her great-grandson, Dov Forman.

Duchess of Cambridge speaks to Holocaust survivors in moving video call

Among those on the call were Zigi Shipper and Manfred Goldberg, two survivors who first met at the Stutthof concentration camp as teenagers and reunited in their 90s.

A visit to Belarus: ‘The Pit’ Holocaust memorial and tragic story of the Minsk Ghetto

One third of the total population of Minsk was Jewish prior to WW2. After the Holocaust, two out of every three Jews in Belarus were murdered by the Nazis. CUFI’s Alastair Kirk recounts his moving visit to the Yama Memorial, known in English as ‘The Pit’, which was one of the many sites where horrific Nazi crimes took place. Today it is an important and powerful landmark located in the area of the former Minsk ghetto and honours all Jewish victims of the Holocaust in Belarus.

When Denmark saved the Jews

The people of Denmark helped save 99% of its Jewish population during the Second World War. We visit Copenhagen where we retell about the extraordinary united effort of bravery and sacrifice whilst under Nazi occupation, and give some insight into more recent challenges facing Copenhagen’s Jewish community in a country proud of its heritage in supporting the Jewish people.

The Riga Ghetto Museum in Latvia

Situated a short walk from the centre of Latvia’s capital, located by the Daugava river, the Riga Ghetto Museum and Latvian Holocaust Museum is one of the last few preserved examples of life in the Jewish ghetto during the Nazi occupation. But 2020 was a challenging year for the museum. And its survival remains uncertain.

Bergen-Belsen 75

75 years since British forces liberated Bergen-Belsen

On the 15th April 1945, British forces liberated the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany. Seventy-five years on, we remember the thousands of Jewish lives and others who were murdered there at the hands of Nazi brutality and pay tribute to the British soldiers who brought liberation and sacrificially gave of themselves to help those who survived.

Return to Belsen – survivors and British veterans share their story in new documentary

In Return to Belsen, aired by ITV last week and available on ITVplayer, Jonathan Dimbleby retraced his war correspondent father Richard’s footsteps at the concentration camp, interviewing survivors, relatives and some of the few remaining liberators.

More on Holocaust remembrance

75th anniversary commemoration in Jerusalem

Watch the whole ceremony in full, including speeches by Prince Charles, President Rivlin, PM Netanyahu, President Putin, VP Pence and President Macron.

Echoes of the Holocaust

CUFI’s Remeny Starritt shares her moving personal experience visiting Auchwitz concentration camp.

The real meaning behind “Over the Rainbow”

Read the powerful message behind “Over the Rainbow”, the iconic song from the Wizard of Oz that was written by Jewish lyricist, Yip Harburg, in the 1930’s.

It is almost prophetic of the horrors to come for the Jewish people and the hope of the rebirth of Israel.

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The Holocaust in Colour – How one artist is taking on the Holocaust-deniers

Yusuf Tolga Ünker colourises black and white photos from the Holocaust with the goal of making the past alive; to force the viewer to see these events as happening today.


in support of a National Holocaust Memorial next to Parliament

Take a moment to view at least one of our “Must Watch” videos

Dear Mirele – A letter of the Holocaust from a mother to her daughter

(7 mins)

Holocaust survivor Irving Roth shares his story

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Holocaust survivor Ben Lesser has important lesson for next generation

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Hatikvah played at Western Wall using restored violins from the Holocaust

(2 mins)

The Christian woman who declared war on Hitler and saved thousands of Jewish children

(2 mins)

The Italian pro cyclist who helped rescue Jews during Holocaust

(1 min)

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