As a supporter of CUFI, will you please contact the Prime Minister and your MP today asking them to condemn the violent attacks by Hamas against Israel?  Israel has a right to defend itself against terrorist attacks.

For several weeks there have been clashes between Palestinian rioters (including terrorists) and the Israeli police in and around Jerusalem. This was largely centred around Ramadan and came to a head recently on the Temple Mount, when Israeli police were compelled to enter the Al-Aqsa mosque to dispel a Hamas-led riot. Under Hamas flags and incitement, Hamas supporters stockpiled rocks, fireworks and firebombs in a planned confrontation with Israeli police.

The escalation in tensions in Jerusalem in recent weeks is no excuse for terrorism. Proponents of the riots point to the complex legal dispute over evictions in Shiekh Jarrah, but this is a private dispute that the Israeli government is not a party to.

Internal tensions between Hamas and Fatah over the recent postponement of the much-delayed Palestinian elections (would-be first in 15 years) have also played their part. The Palestinian leadership, in both Gaza and Ramallah, chooses to inflame tensions and create conflict whenever they feel it will benefit their popularity amongst the Palestinian population locally and Palestinian sympathisers internationally.

In the past 10 days, Hamas has fired over 4000 rockets into Israel. Hamas is doing what terrorists do: trying to kill innocent people and threatening Israel should the Jewish state deign to defend itself.

As Israel does what is necessary to protect its people from this most recent escalation, Israel’s detractors in the international community and elements of the media, seek to blame Israel for doing what any country would do when confronted with terrorism. The situation is being exacerbated by predictably biased and poorly imparted press coverage that seeks to equivocate and apportion blame equally for these events, which is exactly what the Palestinian leaders and Hamas want to achieve.

There is no moral equivalence between Israeli and Palestinian actions. We are witnessing a group of bloodthirsty bullies in the Palestinian leadership seeking to kill innocent people through which both Jews and Arabs ultimately suffer. And a UK ally and the only democracy in the Middle East is doing what it can to keep its citizens safe.

The violence can be stopped now if sufficient international pressure is put on Hamas and Palestinian leadership.

Using our suggested wording, please join CUFI in defending Israel by asking your MP to:

  1. Pressure the Palestinian leadership to stop the rocket attacks and their incitement of the Palestinian people to riot.
  2. Defend Israel’s right to protect itself from terrorism.
  3. Condemn and challenge the promotion, incitement and rewarding of terror by Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.

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Campaign Update

The battle for Israel reaches the UK

They say what starts in Israel doesn’t stay in Israel. As Israel continues to be bombarded with indiscriminate rocket attacks, the UK Jewish community this weekend has experienced a horrific spate of anti-Semitism that looks set to soar unless our politicians stand with Israel against the anti-Semitism of Hamas.

Israel has a right to defend itself against terrorist attacks.
And Jews have the right to live securely in the UK, Israel and elsewhere.

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has condemned the horrific anti-Semitic act by pro-Palestinian protesters who drove through various areas of the London Jewish community on Sunday with a loud-speaker shouting obscenities against Jews including for the “rape of their mothers and daughters”. 

Also on Sunday CUFI learned that a senior London rabbi is recovering in hospital with head wounds after being attacked near his synagogue. Please pray for Rabbi Rafi Goodwin.

At Saturday’s anti-Israel protests in London, footage shows Met Police being attacked with bars and projectiles after pro-Palestinian protesters turned violent. A firework was thrown towards the Israeli embassy and protesters climbed onto a London bus causing disruption in the nation’s capital. Earlier in the day MPs Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott were among those addressing the thousands that had gathered. Their failure to condemn Hamas is inciting scenes like that we have seen in London and other UK cities this weekend. Their behaviour, and that of all those who side with attacks against Israel, is causing further division and placing the Jewish community in danger. 

ACT NOW: Email the PM and your MP

Hamas and Islamic Jihad have fired over 3,000 rockets from Gaza in the past 7 days. That’s the highest daily rate of rocket fire that Israel has faced in the history of the country. Israel rightly continues to defend itself and in the past few days has struck some crucial targets including a series of terror tunnels, Hamas’ intelligence HQ in northern Gaza, a warehouse containing weapons located in the house of a Hamas operative in central Gaza, and a Hamas naval weapons warehouse in southern Gaza.

The IDF has also confirmed that one in seven Hamas rockets have landed in Gaza.

Remember, Hamas indiscriminately targets civilians in Israel and kills Jews and Arabs. Israel does all it can to only strike terrorist targets.

Israel is doing everything to minimise civilian casualties on both sides. Hamas is doing everything to increase civilian casualties on both sides.

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Israel fights to protect its civilians.
Hamas uses civilians to protect itself.


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