The Prime Minister has condemned a horrific anti-Semitic act by pro-Palestinian protesters who drove through the London Jewish community with a loud-speaker shouting obscenities against Jews.

Multiple videos show cars draped in Palestinian flags and passengers shouting, “F*** the Jews, rape their daughters.”

The six cars, emblazoned with Palestinian flags on their bonnets and back windows, are seen stopping at traffic lights before driving on in the direction of Golders Green and the North Circular. They were later filmed near Brent Cross.

PLEASE NOTE: The following videos contains very strong and offensive language.

One male voice can be heard through a loudspeaker exclaiming: “F*** their mothers. Rape their daughters. We have to send a message.”

Boris Johnson condemned the incident in a Tweet to mark the beginning of the Jewish feast of Shuvuot.

The vehicles’ licence plate numbers are not identifiable in the video clip. Jewish News has alerted Camden Council and the Metropolitan Police in the hope on-road CCTV cameras will identify the cars’ owners.

A CST spokesperson said: “We have seen increasingly serious ‘pro-Palestinian’ antisemitic attacks and anti-Jewish intimidation across London on Sunday. This comes after three anti-Israel demonstrations in a week, each featuring swastikas and Jihadi anti-Jewish chants, all unchallenged as usual by the supposed “anti-racist” left.”