Anti-Semitic incidents are increasing throughout the Western world putting Jewish communities at risk with most of the actions being taken by anti-Israel activists / pro-Palestinian supporters. Remember, they are not attacking Israeli organisations, they are targeting Jews – it is pure anti-Semitism.

Sadly, much of this hatred against the Jews is fuelled by a one-sided narrative in many media outlets that paints Israel as the ‘bad guys’ and paints Hamas as the ‘innocent victims’ when in reality, Hamas, the outlawed terror group that uses civilians as human shields and fire rockets at Israeli civilians, are the real bad guys while Israel is doing all it can to stop the violence while saving lives on both sides.

It is fair to say that pro-Palestinian activists have been galvanised to express their anti-Semitism. Equally, we should point out that the anti-Semitism being expressed by these radical activists is the same hatred expressed by Hamas, which seeks to wipe the Jews out in Israel.

Below are just some of the incidents that have happened in recent days in Jewish communities in the UK, America and throughout Europe.

WARNING: The following article contains videos footage containing fights and violent assaults, a firebomb attack, foul language and racism.

An explosive was thrown at Jews in New York on Thursday.

The video below shows people fleeing as it is thrown while someone shouts “F*** Israel” followed by the explosion.

In the next video, Jewish diners are spat at and attacked by pro-Palestinian protesters.

This video shows an Orthodox Jewish man being chased by two cars with Palestinian flags. The video the filming of a monitor displaying CCTV footage with a female voice exclaiming, “the man is chasing you”, likely speaking to the man being chased in the video, who responds, “one car and the second car.”

In this video Jews are seen being violently attacked by pro-Palestinian activists in New York while police do little to stop the violence.

In Manhattan, New York two Jewish men, one of whom was holding an Israeli flag, were attacked by a pro-Palestinian mob with police having to separate the groups.

Another video from New York shows pro-Palestinian protesters getting into confrontations with some pro-Israel protests and some Jewish bystanders. Police are having to separate them and a smoke bomb is picked up by the person filming.

This video shows a pro-Palestinian mob brutally beating up a Jewish man, with one of the rioters using a pole to beat him while he lays on the floor between two cars.

This next video is in Los Angeles. A convoy of pro-Palestinian protesters drove through a Jewish area of the city. A group of around 30 protesters went up to diners at a restaurant and asked who was Jewish. Two men said they were and were assaulted violently.

You can see in this first video at the 1:15 mark that a man to the right of the camera is pushed to the ground and kicked. An Armenian man then swings a metal freestanding poll at the group before getting violently beaten by at least three individuals.

The next video shows the aftermath of what happened.

This next video shows a pro-Palestinian person threatening grievous bodily harm to a man wearing an IDF hoodie.

In the video, an unknown woman threatens, “I hate your shirt, I’m a setting it on fire.” The man smiles and chuckles slightly and the woman responds, “I’m serious.”

This next video shows a Jewish man being abused and attacked by pro-Palestinian protesters simply for being Jewish. They start accusing him, saying, “You wanna kill babies”. There is no reason for them to approach the man apart from the fact they see he is Jewish.

The attacks were not isolated to the USA.

In Vienna, Austria an anti-Israel protest turns anti-Semitic when the crowd focused their outrage against Jewish students. At one point a man shouts “shove your Holocaust up your ass.” Shamefully the crowd responds by cheering and clapping.

And of course, these scenes are reminiscent of the anti-Semitism on display in London. Below is a video showing a similar style pro-Palestinian convoy shouting anti-Semitic abuse.

UK hate crime statistics show the anti-Semitic incidents in the UK have risen drastically in the last few weeks with most attacks being linked to the Israel-Gaza conflict. This rise is likely to be seen in other countries also.

It is shameful that these pro-Palestinian protesters are bringing the hatred, terror and anti-Semitism of Hamas to cities in the West.

We must stand against this hatred.

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