Nikki Haley, the former US Ambassador to the United Nations, was the keynote speaker at CUFI’s Summit 2022 which took place this week.

During her speech, Nikki Haley made a number of strong points in support of Israel. From sharing her Christian faith to speaking strongly against the Iranian regime and the weakness of the Biden administration in handling threats again Israel.

Here is the rundown of the key points she made in this powerful speech.

Haley thanks CUFI and gives the reasons we stand with Israel

Giving credit to the vast work in support of Israel that Pastor John Hagee, the founder of Christians United for Israel (CUFI), has undertaken, Haley said that she can’t think of anyone else who has done more for Israel than Pastor Hagee and Diana. Haley joked that she always tells him, “I want to be you when I grow up.”

Nikki Haley drew on her Christian beliefs as her reason for standing with Israel. “We are not here because Israel is a political cause. We are here because Israel is a righteous cause. Our Christian faith calls on us to support her and we will also answer that call,” Haley said.

Nikki Haley on Ukraine

Touching on the war in Ukraine, Haley said: “The war in Ukraine is a reminder that evil is real and it needs to be confronted. In the same way that everyone should take Israel’s side, we have a duty to stand with Ukraine.”

Haley explained how Ukrainian Jews who suffered so much during the Holocaust were once again forced to go on the run from war. This time, however, they have a safe place to go to; Israel.

“Ukrainian Jews now have a home of their own. Israel was reborn so that the Jewish people would never have to be dependent again… thank God for Israel,” she said.

Haley on the weakness of America under Joe Biden

Haley explained the ramifications of the failures in withdrawing from Afghanistan when America left without even informing their allies that the withdrawal was taking place. This led to a collapse of the country’s government and effectively handed the Taliban the reigns of the country along with some of the most advanced weaponry in the world. Haley said it was the weakness of the Biden administration in dealing with Afghanistan that galvanised Putin to carry out his war on Ukraine.

Haley linked this weakness to a number of hostile nations. She explained that in addition to Russia being bolstered by America’s weakness, North Korea, China, and Iran have also shown they are not fearing America as they once did. “When America is weak, evil reigns. And that bears directly on the safety and security of Israel,” Haley said.

Turning her attention to the biggest threat facing Israel. Haley explained that “Iran’s leader now think they can get away with Israel. And the leader of free world isn’t doing anything to change their mind. It pains me to say that Joe Biden continues to fall all over himself to get back into the Iran Nuclear Deal. He’s putting America at risk and Israel too. That’s unacceptable. The United States is better than this.”

“The fall of Afghanistan is a wake-up call, but America’s still asleep at the wheel,” Haley said. She explained how Biden’s recent trip to Israel and the Middle East was not as successful as it should have been because of Biden’s actions while there and beforehand. President Biden was hesitant to declare a military option against Iran as being a viable option, instead referring to it as a last resort and one he seemed unwilling to take. This, Haley explained, showed weakness to Iran just as Biden showed weakness to Russia when he said Putin “could get away with a minor incursion in Ukraine.”

“We see how that worked,” Haley said. “That’s not how you tell an enemy you’re serious. That’s not how you convince Iran to back down. And you know who had to point that out? The Israeli Prime Minister.”

Haley explained how Prime Minister Lapid had to say that a military threat “has to be credible” and “should not be a bluff”. But Haley explained how Biden’s words sounded exactly like a bluff and that it was “embarrassing” for America to appear so weak.

“America should always speak with strength,” Haley explained. “Clearly the Prime Minister of Israel doesn’t believe the President of the United States… Our allies don’t trust us and our enemies don’t fear us. This is not the America I know.”

Haley on how America’s support for the Palestinians hurts Israel

Haley went on to explain how Biden’s visit to the Palestinian Territories compounded the failings of Biden administration.

“It gets worse,” Haley explained. “The President announced that American taxpayers would give more than $300 million to the Palestinians. The money has no conditions, no strings, nothing. The Palestinians can keep stoking hatred of Israel. They can keep paying the families of terrorists which encourages more suicide bombings. Basically, the Palestinians can use America’s money to attack America’s ally. It’s a disgrace.”

“Worst of all, most of the money is going to a straight up antisemitic, pro-terrorist front group. It’s called UNRWA. It’s one of the worst parts of the United Nations, and that’s saying something, believe me,” she explained.

“When I was at the United Nations I convinced President Trump to defund UNRWA, it was a no-brainer. UNRWA promotes the so-called ‘right of return’ which is another way of saying it supports rolling back the clock to when Israel didn’t exist. It also runs schools that teach young Palestinians to hate Israel with every fibre of their being. Some of their textbooks preach hatred and violence towards Jews. And it even lets Hamas run tunnels under those schools.

Haley concluded her point on UNRWA by saying, “UNRWA is aiding and abetting terrorism and now America is aiding and abetting it… UNRWA shouldn’t get a single cent of American money.”

Nikki Haley on the threat of a nuclear Iran

Turning her attention to the Iranian regime and its threat to Israel and America, Haley said that it is “due to America’s weakness” that “Iran is in the strongest position it has ever been in.” explained.

“Everyone knows what Iran wants,” she explained. “It wants nuclear weapons. It wants ballistic missiles to carry those nuclear weapons. And it wants to use those missiles and nukes to destroy both Israel and America. We know it’s true because Iran’s rulers say it. Their favourite phrases are ‘Death to Israel’ and ‘Death to America’. They even write it on their missiles.”

“Let me be clear; the Ayatollahs aren’t joking. They’re deadly serious. They’re making a promise. We should take them at their word and we have to make sure that they can never keep that promise by getting a nuclear weapon,” she said.

Haley continued, “Sadly, America is unwittingly helping Iran achieve its evil vision. The President is desperate to get back into the Iran Nuclear Deal. He’s made that clear and he’s said he’ll do almost anything to sign on the dotted line. That includes giving Iran more than $100 billion… You can bet that money will fund terrorist attacks on Israel and America.”

“It’s painfully obvious that the current White House is bad at negotiating,” Haley explained. “Iran won’t even allow America in the negotiating room and the President went along with it. And do you know who Biden allowed to be our lead negotiator in the Iran Deal? Russia. We are letting one enemy negotiate with a second enemy behind closed doors. And we’re supposed to believe that whatever they agree on will be good for us or Israel? How naive do you have to be?”

Haley explained that there is good new because no deal has yet been reached, but warned that the bad news is it could happen soon. “Negotiations keep going and America looks willing to give it all away,” she explained. “Iran has already made it clear that it has no intention of changing course. It kicked out inspectors and ramped up enrichment. Those aren’t the moves of a country that’s willing to abandon its nuclear dreams.”

Haley explained that regardless of whether there is a deal, it will not stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions. “Even if it signs the deal. Mark my words, Iran will keep cheating until it gets what it wants,” she said. “Anything Joe Biden signs will all but guarantee that Iran gets the bomb. No deal is better than a bad deal.”

Hinting that she will be running for the US Presidency in 2024, Nikki Haley said, “If this president signs any sort of deal, I’ll make you a promise, the next President will shred it on her first day in office.” She jokingly added, “just saying, sometimes it takes a woman.”

She explained that America must work hard to stop Iran and if America is too weak to act, it must support Israel in its actions.

“If it ever looks like Iran is getting close to a nuclear weapon we must act and we must act swiftly and decisively. Our national security depends on keeping the bomb away from Iran. And if America won’t then Israel must and we should help them. At a minimum, we should give Israel everything it needs to defend itself and destroy Iran’s nuclear programme.”

Israel “has every to protect its people and no one has any right to stand in the way,” Haley said. And finished the point that if it stops Iran, “Israel would be doing the world a favour.”

Nikki Haley talks about her Christian faith

Nikki Haley is a Christian Zionist and a long-time friend of Christians United for Israel and Pastor John Hagee. Haley was in Israel earlier this year with Pastor Hagee and has a strong faith in the God of Israel.

Haley explained that while the threats from Iran were both real and serious, her faith tells her that “Israel will survive”.

“Not only that,” she explained, “Israel will thrive as she always does. I strongly believe no one can destroy what God has blessed. And make no mistake, God has blessed Israel. ”

“The Lord is calling on us to bless Israel too. She needs our support in this dangerous time,” Haley explained.

Haley made a point that America was weak at this time because of its leadership, but it was time for America to be strong once again for the sake of Isreal and the world.

“We need to stop running from our shadow and recover our national strength. America’s losing faith in itself and if we don’t regain our confidence and pride then Israel will suffer, so will the whole world,” she said.

Haley explained what America needs to do by drawing on a biblical story in Numbers where Moses sends twelve spies to find a home for God’s people.

Haley explained that when the twelve returned they were “filled with self-doubt and pessimism. All but two had lost sight of God’s goodness. They had forgotten His pledge to deliver them from evil. Ultimately they were punished for that lack of faith. For the next forty years, the Israelites were doomed to wander the desert.”

“My friends, America is at risk of making that mistake, but we can choose a better way. We can be like the faithful Joshua and Caleb who returned from the Promised Land with hopeful reports. We can do as they did and keep the faith. And we can rally our nation to do what’s right. The time has come to make America strong and proud once more,” Haley said.

“Let’s do it for our sake and our family’s sake. Let’s do it for Israel,” Haley declared. “Modern Israel provides all the inspiration that we need. She was given life by those who walked through the valley of the shadow of death.”

“Our faith compels us to fight the return of that darkness. And in Israel, we see the goodness of God kindled into light. What other country has turned such weakness into strength? What other culture has turned such dispair into hope? Who has risen faster or further than Israel and her people? They stand for freedom and peace and the promise of the future. And as Christians, as Americans, we are proud to stand with them. The challenges they face we will overcome together. And with courage and faith, we will go forward confident that our work will be rewarded in this life and the next,” Haley concluded.

Nikki Haley gave a wonderful speech that touched on the key issues facing Israel and America and the need for us as Christian Zionists to stand firm in our faith and keep focused on God. It is only with God that Israel can succeed in these times.

We are so grateful that Nikki Haley spoke at CUFI’s Summit 2022. We have been blessed by her participation and pray God will guide her in everything she does moving forward.

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