Three orthodox charedi Jewish children, aged 11, 12 and 14, were threatened and verbally abused whilst walking home from school last week.

The incident took place at around 1pm on Friday, 17 November at the junction of Spring Hill and Clapton Common in Stamford Hill.

A van stopped near them and a female passenger in the vehicle shouted at the girls, “If you cross the road, I’ll drive over you” and also threatened “I’m going to kidnap you.”

She then mocked the girls saying, “You’re afraid” to which the other occupants in the van, a male and a boy, presumed to be around 10-years-old, began to laugh.

The woman finished her verbal assault on the girls by calling them “ugly Jews” before the vehicle drove off down the road.

All three of the van’s occupants are described as being white.

Shomrim assisted the victims and reported the incident to police.

Campaign Against Antisemitism encourage anyone who may have witnessed the incident or has information which could aid the investigation should contact the Metropolitan Police Service by dialling 101, citing reference CAD7145/19/11/2017.