Iranian cleric, Ayatollah Ahmad Alamolhoda, a representative of Iran’s Supreme Leader in Mashhad, has given a shocking sermon in which he called for the UK ambassador to be executed and “chopped into pieces”. 

The graphic threat suggested expelling the UK ambassador would be a concession that shouldn’t be allowed, and had his arrest been by the “line of Soleimani”, his ear would be his largest body part remaining.

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The sickening message to a crowd of followers also included blatant lies such as “hundreds of thousands” of US troops being turned to “dust and ashes” as a result of the missile attack on an Iraqi base which in fact resulted in no casualties. He also said those students filmed refusing to walk on US and Israeli flags should be executed.

The speech follows distressing scenes in Tehran where a cardboard cut out of the British ambassador was set on fire in protests outside the embassy, coordinated by members of the 

Meanwhile, Rob Macaire, the UK ambassador in Tehran, has left the country for the first time since his arrest last week. UK officials said it was a pre-planned trip to London and that he would return to his post in Tehran.

Tensions between London and Tehran escalated at the weekend when the British ambassador to Iran was arrested on Saturday and later released over allegations that he was involved with the anti-regime protests that broke out in Iran’s capital. Then on Sunday, around 200 pro-regime protesters, understood to be radical Basij Mullahs (militia affiliated with the IRGC) surrounded the UK embassy in Tehran chanting “Death to Britain” and burning British and Israeli flags.

It isn’t the first occasion that Ayatollah Alamolhoda has caught our attention. Last year a sermon by the radical leader admitted  that Iran is Hezbollah, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, PMU in Iraq and more, and that Iran can destroy Israel “in half a day”. 

Over 11,000 people have signed a CUFI UK petition calling on the British government to withdraw from the Iran deal.

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