The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have carried out a series of airstrikes on Hamas military targets in response to attacks from terrorists in the Gaza Strip who launched an explosive balloon device across the border and fired a rocket into Israel.

The series of events is as follows:

  1. Gaza terrorists flew an explosive device into Israel. The device was a drone attached to colourful balloons and landed in a carrot field where it exploded.
  2. In response, Israeli helicopters struck two Hamas military watchtowers.
  3. Overnight, terrorists in Gaza fired a rocket towards the Israeli civilian town of Ashkelon. The rocket was intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome Defense system, causing no damage.
  4. In response, Israel carried out a series of airstrikes on Hamas military facilities inside the Gaza Strip.

In response to the balloon attack, the IDF said the following:

“IDF attack helicopters struck two military positions belonging to the Hamas terrorist group in the Gaza Strip in response to the balloon-borne explosive device, which was launched by a model drone.”

“The IDF will continue to act in defence of the citizens of Israel and against terrorism from the Strip,” the army said.

In regards to the rocket attack, the IDF said:

“Air force fighter jets and helicopters attacked several terror targets at a Hamas training camp in the northern Gaza Strip.”

“The IDF holds Hamas responsible for all that takes place in the Gaza Strip,” the army said.