Shami Chakrabarti has denied that she nor Jeremy Corbyn are “corrupt” after receiving a peerage nomination following her “independent” anti-Semitism inquiry into the Labour Party.

However Ms Chakrabarti dodged whether she has been promised a role in the Shadow cabinet during her interview on BBC 1’s Andrew Marr show.

The former head of Liberty faced questions over her independence during the Labour anti-Semitism investigation after she revealed she had joined the Labour Party.

And her independence was further questioned when Jeremy Corbyn announced his decision to nominate Ms Chakrabarti for peerage only a month after completing her inquiry, which was criticized for not being critical enough

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Ms Chakrabarti told Andrew Marr on Sunday: “It’s not been the summer of love in the Labour Party or in British politics more generally.

“Yes, lots of mud has been slung about, ‘it was transactional’ etc etc, I ‘wrote a whitewash’ – I did not.

“I know what it’s like to be offered transactional favours by prime ministers and not by beleaguered leaders of the Labour Party.”

She added: “I wrote a report to try and civilise discourse in the Labour Party. I’ve yet to completely succeed in that enterprise but I stand by it.”

Asked if she was offered a peerage before her report, Ms Chakrabarti replied: “No. It was after the Brexit, after the report, in the resignation honours.”

Pressed on whether there were any talks before the report was completed, she said: “Jeremy Corbyn is not a corrupt man and I am not a corrupt woman.

“I stand by the report. There was nothing remotely transactional about this.”

She later said there had been no talks.

Ms Chakrabarti was also pushed over whether she would join a future shadow cabinet under Mr Corbyn, potentially as shadow justice secretary.

She replied: “I think he’s got a leadership election to win before anything like that.”

On whether her reputation has been damaged, Ms Chakrabarti said: “When people sling mud at you it is designed to damage your reputation but I haven’t done anything really in my working life for reputation. I’m doing my best to make a difference.”

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