The latest issue of Torch, CUFI UK’s free magazine, is packed with articles that we trust will encourage and inspire you in your stand with Israel. We’ve led with the theme of ‘Back to the Bible’ because this is our heart for the Church and our nation and is the foundation upon which we make our stand for Israel. Therefore, we’ve included articles that support this belief, covering three important pillars of our society: Church, family and government.

For example, this year marks 800 years since the introduction of anti-Jewish laws at the Oxford Synod that eventually led to the expulsion of Jews from England. We look what we can learn from the mistakes from this period of English history, especially in context of the Church today. Our article ‘This is a house of prayer’ considers the importance of the Temple Mount to Jews and Christians, according to the Bible. We explain what Jesus had to say about the Temple Mount – a compelling insight that we believe all Christians need to embrace, especially in a society that seeks to undermine its value to the Jewish people. Meanwhile, mindful of the need to pass on the baton to the next generation, our article ‘Sharing Israel with little ones’ seeks to answer how to share our love for Zion with children.

As always, we’ve included articles that we believe will encourage you in your stand with Israel. We believe you will be inspired to read about Israel’s field hospital inside Ukraine. Israel was the first country to set up a field hospital in the war-torn country and their contribution with medical expertise has made an impact in what is a desperate situation. The crisis in Ukraine is truly heart-breaking, but we hope you will be uplifted to read some of the positive stories of hope that have emerged from the Jewish community there.


  • “This is a house of prayer” – How should Christians view the Temple Mount?
  • Sharing Israel with little ones
  • 800 years since England’s anti-Jewish laws and what we can learn today
  • Israel’s ‘Shining Star’ in Ukraine
  • Stories from the frontlines in Ukraine
  • The first Israeli aboard the International Space Station

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