Israeli police are searching for a Palestinian man who violently attacked a 12-year-old Israeli boy on Saturday.

CCTV footage of the attack shows the Palestinian holding a large rock and violently hurling down into a well before quickly fleeing the scene on foot.

The rock was aimed at three Israeli boys who were playing in a well. The rock struck one of the boys on the head, knocking him into the water and rendering him unconscious.

Fortunately his two friends pulled him out of the water and called for help. The emergency services arrived and treated the boy, taking him to a nearby hospital where he regained consciousness and received stitches to his head wound.

The video evidence shows this was clearly an intentional attack. It would be fair to describe this incident as attempted murder, however, some Israeli news outlets have cast doubt on the story and used words such as “allegedly” or saying the rock fell on the boy and refuse to call the man a terrorist, despite the clear evidence.

Let us be clear. The video shows the intent and violence of the attack. The terrorist intentionally tried to injure the children and he succeeded. Thankfully the boy survived and we are prayerful he will make a full recovery.

Unfortunately this is yet another incident when a Palestinian has taken it upon themselves to target Israeli civilians to further their cause. This conflict will not end until the Palestinian leadership teach their people to love their neighbours rather than hate.