President Trump’s decision to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is truly historic and Biblically right. It follows much prayer by our brothers and sisters in America, as indeed many Christians here in Britain. Yet, one year ago the United States officially recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital seemed far-fetched. Despite previous presidents verbally recognising Jerusalem, none had the courage like President Trump to officially make it happen. In fact, the previous Administration was actively working against Israel rather than for it. Wednesday’s announcement is clearly an answer to these prayers.

Closer to home, the UK government has strongly disagreed with the US decision. Prime Minister May has said it is “unhelpful to prospects of peace” and believes it should be a shared capital. The UK following America at this time seems a pipe dream, yet we know from the example of America that God is able to intervene.

One hundred years ago on 11th December, when British forces liberated Jerusalem from Ottoman rule, General Allenby made a remarkable decision to formally enter the Old City through the Jaffa Gate on foot, not on horseback or by vehicle. He chose this out of reverence for the Holy City. Allenby’s decision is now a famous reminder of his personal respect for the city of Jerusalem. A century after this historic event, we pray that Britain will once again recognise Jerusalem with a similar reverence and respect as the capital for the Jewish people – just as it has been for over 3,000 years. We will be praying for our Government and especially that it will be strong in standing with Israel and will recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital without reservation.

The following prayer points are to assist you as you pray. For the stories behind these prayer points, please view the CUFI Weekly News Round-up, by clicking here.

May God bless you as you pray

  • Praise the Lord for the decision by President Trump to give official US recognition to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and for announcing the moving of the embassy from Tel Aviv.
  • Give thanks for this answer to prayer.
  • Pray for President Trump, that he will be blessed for making this bold decision and that the Lord will protect him.
  • Pray for the security and safety of all those in Israel and Jerusalem in light of threats of “rage” by those that are enemies of Israel. Pray that hearts will be turned away from violence towards peace.
  • Pray for the IDF and other security personnel and their operations.
  • Pray that more countries will follow the US in moving their embassies to Jerusalem.
  • Pray that those nations opposed to Trump’s decision will realise they are in error by not recognising Jerusalem as capital. Pray that attitudes will soften towards Israel.
  • The Bible says that those that bless Israel will be blessed. We pray for the United Kingdom and that it will be blessed by blessing Israel. Pray against the opposition that exists to Israel. Pray that those that aim to stir up hatred and accusations against Israel will be silenced.
  • Pray for Prime Minister May and her Cabinet. Pray for the opposition parties also. Pray that the voices of those that support Israel will be heard. Pray that the UK will take a strong, unwavering stand for Israel.
  • Pray for the Jewish restaurant in Amsterdam violently attacked this week.
  • Pray that German authorities will stand up to any claims that the Dead Sea scrolls are Palestinian (They are not!) and promise to return the scrolls to Israel that a Bible museum wanted to display. Although the exhibition is cancelled as a result, pray that it will go ahead in the future. Pray that German authorities will stand up for what is right.
  • Praise the Lord that a terror attack on a synagogue in Tunis was foiled by authorities. Pray for the Jewish community in Tunisia.
  • Pray for the Jewish community in Britain and around the world as Jews celebrate Hanukkah starting next week. Pray for joy to fill homes and for the Lord to protect and bless His people during this special time.

And “pray for the peace of Jerusalem”