Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, has experienced a torrent of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic abuse following an innocent picture of his dog wearing a Jewish skullcap and prayer shawl.

Zuckerberg has previously posted pictures of Beast, his Hungarian sheepdog, with barely any angry reactions. However, as soon as Judaism is shown the haters reveal themselves.

Some of the responses included anti-Semitic rhetoric and imagery. Many contained Palestinian flags or phrases such as “Israel terrorism,” some included references to Jews or contained caricatures with large noses (anti-Semitic depictions of Jews). Some showed desecration of the Israeli flag, either it being stepped on with a boot or the flag being flushed down a toilet. Another picture put the Jewish items of clothing on a pig, which is seen as an unclean animal in Judaism and is offensive to Jews.

To date the post currently has over 21,000 reactions with over 9,000 angry reactions.

By comparison, another photo of Beast sporting a red, blue and white headband drew over 4,700 positive reactions and only seven angry ones.

You can see the post below but be warned there are a lot of Israel haters in these comments.

“No one is safe from Jew-hatred. Not even Mark Zuckerberg’s dog,” commented the American Jewish Committee on Twitter.

“Facebook’s CEO posted a cute picture of his pet wrapped in a [Jewish] scarf and with a kippa on his head. He has since been inundated with antisemitic abuse.”

The AJC concluded, “We must make sure social media platforms are free of hate.”

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