In the West, we have seen an increase in Palestinian activism to the point where the Palestinian flag is likely one of the most recognisable symbols of our current time. Sadly, there is too often a link between those waving the Palestinian flag and those who espouse antisemitic views. The symbol of Palestinian nationalism has become a political banner for extremist ideologies.

Two terrible examples of this occurred in the last few days when Holocaust remembrance was targeted at Auschwitz. It demonstrates that antisemitism did not die out with the Nazis, it is alive and well in anti-Israel activism.

Auschwitz, located in Poland, was the largest death camp of the Nazis. Poland was home to Europe’s largest Jewish population, some 3.3 million. When the Nazis invaded and occupied the country, they established a number of death camps and systematically went about eradicating the Jewish population of the country. In Auschwitz alone, the Nazis murdered over 1.1 million Jewish men, women, and children.

Every year Auschwitz is the location for the annual March of the Living. Where Jews from around the world, including Holocaust survivors and the relatives of those who went through the Holocaust, celebrate the life the Jewish people have after the Holocaust – the worst genocide in history. The Jews celebrate the fact that despite Hitler’s best efforts to eradicate them, the Jewish people live on while Hitler and his Nazis are defeated.

It seems that some anti-Israel activists were not entirely happy that Jews were celebrating living. A small group stood outside protesting, equipped with Palestinian flags and anti-Israel signs.

One female protester, armed with a loudspeaker, shouted at those Jews walking through Auschwitz, “How dare you disrespect the victims of the Holocaust by cheering, as a new genocide is happening in Gaza.” She failed to see how she herself was disrespecting the victims of the Holocaust, some of whom were involved in the March of the Living and she was shouting at.

Far from disrespecting the Holocaust, the Jews inside were honouring them in a most special way. They are living examples that antisemitism will never win and Israel itself is a living testimony of Jewish survival and of God’s blessings upon the Jewish people. Jews believe that the Holocaust cannot happen again because they have Israel.

Another example of antisemitism at Auschwitz in the form of pro-Palestinian activism took place when an anti-Israel ‘artist’ chose to wear a Palestinian flag and hold up signs accusing Israel of ‘Genocide’ at Auschwitz this week.

This was not in protest against Jews celebrating life, this was a provocative act against the Jewish people at one of the most sensitive places. It was meant to intimidate and hurt them in a place that should be sacred.

This is all a symptom of anti-Israel hatred warping people’s minds so they lose their humanity. They have lost their ability to sympathise with Jews. This is why we are seeing open support for Hamas terrorists who murdered Jewish children in their homes. Instead of people showing sympathy for the Jews and standing against the evils of Hamas, they are instead defending Hamas’s actions as being justified. They are happy to excuse terrorism because their hatred for Israel has morphed into hatred of the Jewish people.

As Christians, we must always show love to the Jewish people. If it was not for the Jewish roots of our Christian faith, then we would not have access to salvation. Christians owe everything to the Jews. The Bible teaches us that the world will hate the things of God, including Israel, but that we must always stand with them and bless them. At CUFI we are doing just that. If you would like to find out more about CUFI, please go to:

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