The Ilka Bar in Tel Aviv, the site of last Thursday’s terrorist attack by a Palestinian gunman that left three Israeli civilians dead and 14 others wounded, reopened Monday night for the first time since the terrible tragedy.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, Public Security Minister Omer Barlev and Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai all paid visits.

“I came here tonight to strengthen the owners [of the bar] and the residents here. A very difficult thing took place here, people were murdered here, wounded here, good people,” Bennett said.

“We won’t allow them, our enemies, to stop us from living. We won’t let them defeat us. We are getting back to our lives and at the same time taking the fight to their homes, their bases, their resources, and God willing we will win.” he added.

Barlev said, “alongside the terrible pain from the loss of life, on this night in this packed pub, our great strength is evident, the way we look ahead, the knowledge that if we are hit, we won’t break.”

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