The United States and Israel have reached an agreement that will provide Israel’s military with $38 billion during the next 10 years.

There has been months of behind-the-scenes negotiations, but the US State Department said the two countries had reached an agreement on Tuesday, it was reported. Both the US and Israel have confirmed an agreement has been reached, with Netanyahu giving a short statement on the subject on Tuesday.

Neither country has given details on the exact sum, however, officials familiar with the deal have said it totals $3.8 billion a year, which is up from the current $3.1 billion per year deal.

The full details of the deal with be released in coming days.

While this is a good deal for Israel, it is important to remember that this $38 billion over the next ten years is much lower than the $150 billion that has been released to Iran as a result of the Iran Nuclear Deal that was signed last year. Iran is a sworn enemy of the Jewish state.

We must continue to pray for Israel’s protection and that this money will be used wisely to save the lives of Israelis.