Pastor John Hagee, the founder of Christians United for Israel, has been awarded the Friend of Zion Friendship Medallion. 

The honour was given to Pastor Hagee by the Friends of Zion (FOZ) Museum and was presented by the museum’s founder, Dr. Mike Evans.

Dr. Evans said, “I am proud to present Pastor Hagee with this Friend of Zion Friendship Medallion in acknowledgement of his tremendous support for the State of Israel through education, humanitarian causes, leading delegations of pilgrims to the Holy Land, and helping so many in their hour of need.”

The museum opened in Jerusalem one year ago and is equipped with ground-breaking technology and 3D displays that help people experience the history of the Jewish people and Israel like never before.

Pastor Hagee praised the experience, “Diana and I have just had the opportunity of going through this magnificent museum. It begins with the call of Abraham, through the tribes; it demonstrates what Israel has gone through as a people; through the Holocaust and those who helped them through the Holocaust; all the way through the history of the State of Israel. It is an education in the growth and development of the Zionist State and I encourage you to go see it.”