The US House of Representatives on Wednesday unanimously passed the Hamas Human Shields Prevention Act, which sanctions Hamas for violating human rights standards by using civilians as human shields.

The bill states that it is US policy to condemn the use of human shields by Hamas as an act of terrorism and a violation of human rights and international humanitarian law, and to act against those engaging in or supporting the practice.

According to the bill, “The President shall prohibit property transactions and U.S. entry with respect to: (1) each foreign person or entity that is a member of or acting on behalf of Hamas and that is responsible for or complicit in Hamas’ use of human shields; and (2) each foreign person or entity and each agency or instrumentality of a foreign state that has significantly facilitated any act with respect to such use of human shields, provided material support to a listed person or entity, or attempted to facilitate or support such acts or persons.”

The bill also notes the IDF’s “common practice” to drop aerial leaflets, make announcements over radio, place phone calls, and send text messages warning of a coming military strike before targeting terrorists operating near Palestinian civilian areas.

Congressman Joe Wilson said, “the world must face the threat of Hamas terrorists as they continue to perpetrate atrocities against civilians and use them as human shields.”

He expressed his gratitude to the House, which “took a stand against this murderous terrorist group,” and expressed hope that the Senate will pass the bill quickly.

“I believe this legislation will help ensure the lives of innocent Palestinian civilians are spared by proactively imposing strong sanctions against Hamas,” he added.

Source: World Israel News