UN Human Rights Council has released its thirty-sixth session agenda for this September and the ONLY country specifically targeted is…Israel.

Item 7, “Human Rights abuses in Palestine and other Arab territories”, is the only region that is mentioned and has its own agenda item with no specific mention of countries such as Venezuala, North Korea or Saudi Arabia.

The UNHRC is comprised of 47 UN member states. These countries are chosen by secret ballot and serve on the Council for a three year term. All UNHRC meetings feature 10 items. Agenda item 7 is permanent and mandates the debate of alleges Israeli human rights abuses against the Palestinians. No other nation has a standing agenda items such as this. All other human rights abuses around the globe are dealt with under Agenda Item 4.

From its creation in June 2006 through to June 2016, the UNHRC adopted 135 resolutions criticising specific countries; 68 out of those 135 have been against Israel (slightly more than 50%).

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