Middle East Minister, Alistair Burt, has said that Britain is expected to oppose anti-Israel resolutions at the UNHRC on Friday.

The comments came in response to a question by Conservative MP, Zac Goldsmith, who also raised the problem of violence by Hamas security forces trying to stop protests against the regime.

At the UNHRC 40th session that started on Monday, Israel was again singled out in the notorious “Agenda Item 7” – a permanent fixture at every UNHRC session, with no other country in the world receiving its own agenda item.

In June last year, Britain warned the UNHRC that the UK will vote against all anti-Israel resolutions unless it stopped its anti-Israel bias by the end of 2018. More than six months have now passed, however the UNHRC has clearly not changed its anti-Israel bias.

Over 2,000 CUFI supporters have written to Foreign Secretary calling upon Britain to keep its word and make an important stand against hatred for Israel at the United Nations.

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CUFI believes the UK should honour its word by voting against all anti-Israel resolutions under Item 7. Britain should demand that the UNHRC ends its bias against Israel, call for the end of Item 7 itself and, if necessary, take further action against the UNHRC’s “disproportionate” and “damaging” attitude towards Israel and towards peace.