A threatening mail was received at the synagogue in St. Petersburg.

The mail was signed by a Russian ultra-nationalist movement B.Zh.S.R (transliteration from Cyrillic letters)

The following are excerpts from the email:

Disrespectful Jews!

Inform you officially that from now on our patriot units will follow your communities. Your gatherings will be damaged according to the phrase, “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth!”

Our revenge will be frightening / terrible and color in all your people. We do not care whether you see yourself as guilty or not. It is clear to everyone that this happened in the wake of your actions (apparently the intention is to bring down the Russian plane).

You will experience the words “Death to the Kikes,” “Hit the Kikes” … Get ready in the kindergartens, the schools, the educational institutions, your places of work, you will all feel like hell.

Russia will never forget its heroes and if necessary place on each of them.