“Three Palestinians killed as daily violence grinds on.” This was the headline on the website of US TV network CBS on Wednesday, following a terror attack in Jerusalem in which Border Police officer Hadar Cohen, 19, was murdered and her colleague moderately wounded.

The three Palestinians killed were the terrorists who carried out the combined shooting and stabbing attack, and were shot dead at the scene.

CBS headline on Jerusalem terror attack, before being changed. (Photo: Screenshot)

CBS headline on Jerusalem terror attack, before being changed. (Photo: Screenshot) (Source: YNetNews)

The Government Press Office (GPO) has announced that it was weighing up “far-reaching” measures in response.

“This time we will not let it pass quietly,” GPO head Nitzan Chen said on Wednesday. “We are considering rescinding press passes from journalists and editors who are negligent in their work and present headlines that flip the reality.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem also reacted angrily to the distortions. MFA Spokesperson Emmanuel Nahshon said: “The audacity of CBS’ headline is unparalleled. The headline is biased and false.”

Following the rapid intervention of the MFA and the GPO, the CBS headline was changed to: “Palestinians kill Israeli officer, wound another before being killed.”

Meanwhile, media outlets around the world were just as distorting.

Aljazeera tweeted the breaking news placing the three terrorist as victims.

Al Jazeera's breaking news tweet about the terror attack in Jerusalem.

Al Jazeera’s breaking news tweet about the terror attack in Jerusalem.

SkyNews in Australia reported the story as Israelis and Palestinians being killed without differentiating between the victims and the terrorists. The report also used the term ‘allegedly’ when describing that the border police woman had been killed by the ‘three Palestinians’.

SkyNews australia

SkyNews Australia screenshot

Meanwhile in Britain, the BBC was the only TV news channel to report the attack. SkyNews, ITV News and Channel4 all failed to report anything. However, the BBC headline read ‘Jerusalem attack: Israeli border guard dies after shooting.’ The BBC headline failed to identify who perpetrated the attack, leaving the possibility that there was perhaps no initial threat to the border guard. It failed to mention that the shooting was a terrorist act and not some other security incident. In fact the entire article failed to describe the perpetrators as terrorists, despite them possessing three automatic weapons, as well as knives and two pipe-bombs according to police.
BBC headline

BBC screenshot (4/2/16)

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