London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan has come under fire for refusing to confirm that he would write to UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd to designate all of Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.

The question regarding the terror group’s status was raised last week by London Assembly Member David Kurten (UKIP) in response to the presence of Hezbollah flags during an anti-Israel Al-Quds Day march in London.

“That will close the loophole to stop people marching through the streets of London with a flag with a gun on it,” Kurten said in support of the terror designation during a London Assembly meeting.


At the same meeting, Assembly Member Andrew Boff (Conservative) accused Khan of not doing his job, saying the mayor seems to be “avoiding saying, ‘Yes I’ll [confirm the designation with the home secretary].’”

Last week Amber Rudd said she would consider the possibility of banning Hezbollah and the “distressing” anti-Israel Al Quds Day march.

CUFI has a petition nearing 10,000 signatures calling for the UK to ban Hezbollah outright. CUFI has contacted the Home Secretary and awaits a response.

SHOCKING – Sadiq Khan refuses to help ban Hezbollah

Must watch! London Mayor Sadiq Khan repeatedly dodges questions about writing to the Home Secretary about banning the terrorist group Hezbollah from the UK.Watch till the end to see sparks fly between Sadiq Khan and Conservative Andrew Boff.#LondonMayor #SadiqKhan #Hezbollah #BanHezbollah #UK #London #Terrorism

Publicado por Christians United for Israel – UK en Martes, 27 de junio de 2017