This week, we once again witnessed how the lies of Hamas helped to fuel a campaign of hatred against Israel that reach global proportions. The world needs little excuse to become outraged against Israel. Antisemitism is blinding people to hate Israel, when its Hamas’s war crimes that are killing innocent Palestinians.

Hamas is the most despicable terrorist organisation on earth today. Hamas targets Israeli civilians whilst using its own civilians as human shields. Hamas proudly declares they are willing to sacrifice their own children for their evil cause of annihilating Israel.

Israel, on the other hand, has one of the most humane armies on earth. They do everything they can to minimise civilian casualties. And even though they are operating in one of the most densely populated warzones on earth, with far more eyes on every move they make than any military on earth, they continue to have one of the lowest civilian to combatant death ratios in modern warfare, far better than the militaries of countries who are accusing them of all kinds of war crimes.

Despite all this, the moment the media, politicians, the UN, and of course, the Palestinians have an opportunity, they will smear Israel, condemn Israel, and demonise Israel, even if its not Israel’s fault. It is clear evidence of the antisemitic spirit that is driving this hatred of Israel and started the conflict in the first place.

The latest lie being spread is that a strike Israel made in Rafah was targeting civilians in their tents in a humanitarian zone. This is not true, and has thankfully been debunked by Honest Reporting.

Video transcription:

After 8 months of war, the media have learned nothing when it comes to reporting Hamas’s propaganda.

Here are the facts:

1. Israel did not target a refugee camp in a designated safe zone.

The IDF’s targeted attack happened more than a mile outside the marked safe zone.

It targeted a specific structure, 1 mile away from the humanitarian area, where two senior Hamas commanders, Yassin Rabia and Khaled Nagar, met.

They were responsible for planning and executing deadly terror attacks. Yet, this is where Hamas claims the strike happened. And major media outlets blindly reported it.

2. The IDF munition alone was NOT capable of igniting the fire that resulted in Palestinian civilian deaths.

The IDF used 37-pound bombs in the strike, some of the smallest munitions in its arsenal. This was all an attempt to minimise collateral damage. The explosives from the IDF strike alone were not capable of starting a fire of that size.

Footage documented by Gazans shows secondary explosions, indicating weapons may have been present in the area (a Hamas weapons store near civilians).

In one video, a Gazan narrator references a Hamas jeep inside of the camp loaded with ammo and weapons. Hamas ammo exploding and igniting the fire is reinforced by evidence from phone calls intercepted by the IDF.

A conversation between two Gazans about the strike in Rafah:

Person 1: “And they say that they (Hamas terrorists that were bombed) sat in a meeting and that there is (a facility) and in addition, they had ammunition, because all of the ammunition that started exploding. Bags of money were flying in the air, Abu Rafik.”

Person 2: “These (the ammunition that exploded) were really yours?”

Person 1: “Yes, this is an ammunition warehouse. I tell you it exploded. I mean the Jewish bombing wasn’t strong, it was a small missile, because it didn’t create a large hole. And afterwards a lot of secondary explosions.”

This was a clear admission that the airstrike wasn’t powerful enough to ignite the fire and that the structure targeted turned out to be an ammunition warehouse. The investigation is still underway.

3. Hours after the attack, Hamas announced the number of casualties, saying the majority were women and children.

Which is statistically impossible to know so soon after an incident like this. It’s intentionally reckless.

But this is a pattern and a key part of Hamas’ PR strategy. Just look at the Al Ahli hospital incident (when Israel was accused of bombing a hospital and killing 400+ civilians, when in reality a PIJ terror rocket misfired, hit the hospital carpark and killed around 80+ civilians).

Last month, the UN quietly walked back on its method of calculating Gazan casualties due to the inaccuracies from the Hamas-run Health Ministry. NUmbers that they had reported for almost seven months.

No matter what, this incident is tragic. A tragedy that should never have happened.

To reference the BBC, “Every violent death is a tragedy, but getting the numbers right matters.”

Reports of death in a war zone, can drive how the world responds. Accurate reporting matters. Honest reporting matters.