Moshe Margaretten, a rabbi who lives in New York, has saved the lives of dozens of Afghans.

As the leader of an association that helps people in need, Margaretten managed to collect $80,000 from the Orthodox community of Brooklyn to organize a rescue flight of about twenty Afghan civilians, including several children.

An Afghan father, accompanied by his daughter and his two sons, was able to reunite with his wife in New York following the rescue flight. She had been forced to flee the country when the Taliban took over, leaving her family behind in the process.

“I feel this is my duty, especially as a Jew. Our ancestors went through similar situations so many times, having to flee persecution. Our sages say that if one saves a life, it is as if he has saved the entire world. We are using all our energy, resources and connections to save as many lives as possible,” Margaretten told The Washington Post.

Also on the plane were members of the Afghan women’s football team, as well as judges and prosecutors. Moshe Margaretten hoped that Zabulon Simintov, the last Jew in Afghanistan, would also join the flight, but he refused to leave. 

This evacuation operation was made possible in particular thanks to the intervention of the Israeli-American businessman and philanthropist Moti Kahana.   

Source: i24News

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