Schools and kindergartens in the Palestinian Authority and the Gazza Strip were forced to set fire to copies of the Balfour Declaration and photos of Lord Arthur Balfour to mark 104 years since its signing.

In displays of hatred for Israel’s existence, other activities included plays, texts and chants designed to “teach Palestinian children from kindergarten age and elementary school, through to high school, that the 1917 Balfour Declaration is the root of all evil, and that it brought the Jews here in the first place to steal ‘historic Palestine,’ ” said the report by Kan news.

A school in the West Bank village of Rantis held a play showing Jews shooting Palestinians. One kindergarten had children wipe out the Star of David with a red marker, while another, according to the report, used an image of a snake to symbolize “the Zionist imperialists” who took over “Palestine.”

Source: JNS

Photo: Archive

The Balfour Declaration: The story that paved the way to the rebirth of Israel

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