This week we saw a clear example of how the Palestinian Authority (PA) seeks to smear and demonise Israel at every opportunity. On the other hand, the Jewish state continues to help the Palestinians recover from their own foolish ways.

The latest smear by the PA came as a delegation of 30 members of US Congress visited Israel and the Palestinian Territories, following on from a visit by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The difference between their visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories was stark.

Israel promoted peace, gave educational tours of their country’s historic sights and strengthened the bond between Israel and America. The Palestinians, on the other hand, complained about Israel, smeared the Jewish state and did everything they could to undermine peace with their neighbours.

“Israel does not want the two-state solution or the one-state solution,” Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh said on Monday.

“All it wants is the continuation of the fait accompli, which is a deteriorating reality that will lead to an explosion of the situation.”

The Palestinians can blame Israel all they like, but the truth is that Israel is doing all it can to obtain peace while the Palestinians do all they can to hinder the chances for peace. More on that later.

Shtayyeh then claimed, “the real enemy of peace is settlements.”

Israelis building homes in their homeland is not an enemy of peace. Jewish communities have existed in these areas for millennia, and while it may surprise some readers (and politicians), Israel has legal rights to the land of Israel in its entirety, as given to them by international law. More can be read about that here.

Furthermore, the “real enemy of peace” is Palestinian hatred, incitement and terrorism. The Palestinians have refused every offer for peace. When Israel gave up land to the Palestinians in 2005, in the form of Gaza, the area was turned into a terrorist enclave used as a base to attack Israel, the end goal of which is to “free Palestine from the river to the sea.”

The Palestinian Authority is currently crippled financially because the donations they usually receive from the European Union are currently blocked. They haven’t received donations from the EU because they refuse to amend schoolbooks for children which are filled with lies and incitement against Israel.

Israel has actually loaned millions of pounds to the Palestinian Authority to help cover this cost. Israel understands that if the PA is too cash strapped it not be able to support its people and will seek violence with Israel to take the heat off its own failings.

Israel’s actions here prove that contrary to what Shtayyeh claims, Israel is trying to reduce tensions, not escalate them. The PA is doing enough of that on its own.

The Palestinian Authority pays extortionate amounts of money to terrorists who have been convicted of deadly attacks against Jews. It is estimated they receive salaries five times more than regular Palestinian workers, such as nurses. The rewarding of terrorism is big business for Palestinians and it leads directly to violence against Israeli civilians.

Mahmoud Abbas, President of the PA, said that even if they had only one cent left in their coffers, it would go to the martyrs and their families. This is how important the fund is to them.

Despite the attempts by the Palestinian Authority to undermine Israel, there is hope that these visiting politicians see through the lies and distortions.

During her visit to Israel, Nancy Pelosi called Israel’s creation the “greatest political achievement of the 20th century.”

We pray that the members of Congress will see through the lies and understand that Israel is a beacon of hope in a very dark region.

We call upon the UK Government to officially recognise Jerusalem is Israel's capital and move its embassy to Jerusalem.

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