64% of the U.S. population sympathises with Israel a new Gallop survey has found. This figure is as high as the previously imposed records in 2013 and 1991. Only 19% of the Americans support the Palestinians over Israel and 16% is neutral about this issue.

Republicans account for most of the increase in “sympathy with Israel” since 2001, but this does not mean that Democrats and political independents have not increased their sympathies as well.

The percentage of Republicans supporting Israel has reached its highest level this year at 87%. This represents an increase from an already high percentage of 80% in the past. Also, this is remarkable growth if we consider that in 2001 the percentage of Republican advocates was 59%.

The percentage of sympathising democrats has increased from 41% in 2001 to 49% this year.

Political independent supporters of Israel have maintained an average of 58%, increasing 7% from 2001, but peaked to 59% this year.

Unlike in the past when opinion was basically 50/50, 50% of Americans now think that the US should put more pressure on the Palestinians to make peace, while only 27% think that the pressure should be put on Israel.

71% of American adults view the Palestinian Authority unfavourably, while only 21% of American adults view the Palestinian Authority favourably. Meanwhile, 74% of adults view Israel favourably and 23% do the opposite.

Israel’s current favourable score is the highest for that country since 1991, when its favourable rating spiked to 79% shortly after Iraqi Scud missiles struck Israel during the Gulf War.

Although the Palestinian Authority’s image is significantly worse than Israel’s, this is the second consecutive year its favourable rating has been above 20%, after six years of readings below that level.

Again, party differences in these attitudes are notable, with Republicans more positive than Democrats about Israel and Democrats more positive than Republicans about the Palestinian Authority.

  • 83% of Republicans, 72% of independents and 64% of Democrats view Israel favourably.
  • 27% of Democrats, 21% of independents and 12% of Republicans view the Palestinian government favourably.

Beyond party figures, and consistent with Gallup previous findings by age, Israel also receives higher favourable ratings from adults 55 and older (80% favourable) than from those 35 to 54 (72%) or 18 to 34 (65%). Conversely, the Palestinian Authority receives somewhat better ratings from adults 18 to 34 (31% favourable) than from those 35 to 54 (15%) or 55 and older (18%).

Also, it becomes clear that the argument that the support for Israel is only a Republican thing is misleading. This survey showns that Democrats and pPolitical independents’ support for Israel has also grown considerably.