Liam Fox MP has called for “maximum pressure” to be put on the Iranian government and a “redoubling of efforts on sanctions” in response to the growing threat of Tehran developing a nuclear bomb.

The former trade and defence secretary told a panel discussion of his consistent opposition to the joint comprehensive plan of action (JCPOA) Iran signed in 2015 alongside China, France, Russia, the UK, the US, Germany and the European Union. The US subsequently withdrew under President Trump.

Fox said, ”I was opposed to the JCPOA for a number of reasons… It effectively delayed rather than stopped Iran from getting a nuclear bomb by 15 years.”

He said it also allowed Iran to make a “rapid breakout” if it wasn’t happy and failed to deal with Tehran’s dubious “regional activity,” says the report by Jewish News.

He also said the JCPOA “lifted sanctions too quickly” and also gave the regime money which it used to fund dubious projects.

Fox also said that the UK needs to discuss what role it plays as a nuclear-armed ally of Israel should the current Vienna talks collapse and diplomatic options be removed from the table.

“I am pessimistic,” said Fox, of the currently situation, with reports that Iran is stockpiling enriched uranium supplies at an increasingly high purity level – just below that needed for the creation of a nuclear bomb.

Fox said this poor position was “largely of our own making” and he called for a need to “redouble our efforts on sanctions and maintain maximum pressure on Iran and those who do business with Iran.”

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