Shadow Foreign Secretary, Emily Thornberry, has condemned Israel following the weekend’s Hamas-led riots at the Gaza border, whilst ignoring the actions of Hamas.

“The violence and death that we have seen on the Gaza border in recent days is utterly deplorable,” she stated, “We urge the Israeli authorities to show restraint, respect the rights of anyone engaged in peaceful protest, and avoid further loss of life.”

18 rioters, 11 of which were operatives of terror group Hamas, were killed during violence that started Friday as part of a six-week campaign to “take back the land”, which has received $10 million dollars of Hamas funding. Despite being described as a “peaceful protest” by Thornberry, she failed to condemn Hamas’ order for civilians to “march to the border” with the intent of entering into Israel. Neither did she condemn the use of women and children as human shields.

Footage from the Israeli military showed protesters hurling rocks and Molotov cocktails at Israeli security forces and rolling burning tires at them.

Thornberry’s statement continued,

“But we also need both sides – and the international community as a whole – to now come together as a matter of urgency, end the blockade and humanitarian crisis inside Gaza, end the illegal occupation of Palestinian lands, and end this senseless cycle of violence by working towards the two-state solution we all want to see, with a secure Israel living in peace alongside a secure and viable state of Palestine.”

Strikingly, the Shadow Foreign Secretary didn’t once portion any blame on Hamas or Palestinian terror, nor urge civilians not to approach the security fence.

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Posted by Christians United for Israel – UK on Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Israeli Defense Forces video shows a seven-year-old girl being prodded across the border presumably to goad Israelis into shooting. The military said the girl was returned to her parents.

“They’ve fired rockets toward Israel, they’ve attempted to infiltrate the border between Israel, a sovereign border. They’ve fired guns toward Israel. They’ve thrown Molotov cocktails. This is in no way peaceful. This is violence,” IDF spokesperson Keren Hajioff said.

Hamas has previously declared that it is its aim to destroy Israel and calls for genocide of Jews. The Hamas website itself explains that a goal of the so-called march would be to provoke war with Israel. It states:

“This march might drag the Israeli occupation into a war of attrition that could deplete its military and political power at the time it is in a dire need for these capabilities to confront, what it says, the increasing threat on the Northern front”.

Jeremy Corbyn, who once called for Hamas to be removed Britain’s list of banned terror groups, also tweeted about the situation, singling out Israel’s actions without any blame for Hamas.