A veiled woman along with two younger women assaulted a Jewish mother and her teenage son in a supermarket in Carcassonne, a watchdog on antisemitism said.

The incident occurred on Tuesday last week in Carcassonne, a town in the south of France, the National Bureau for Vigilance against Antisemitism, or BNVCA, reported Friday. The watchdog characterised the incident as an antisemitic assault.

The alleged perpetrators — which BNVCA wrote may have been a mother and her daughters — saw that the victim, a woman in her 40s, was Jewish because she was wearing a Star of David pendant.

The assault began when the veiled woman deliberately rammed her shopping cart into the card of the Jewish mother. All three women then slapped and assaulted both the the Jewish woman and her son, said BNVCA, which named neither the alleged perpetrators nor the alleged victims in the incident.

The woman and her son filed a complaint with police against the three women and BNVCA also filed a complaint as a civil party.

Source: JPost