After 47 days and over 4 million miles travelled and 8-years of planning, Israel’s Beresheet (Genesis) spacecraft is due to land on the moon’s surface this evening (11 April) to make Israel the fourth country to accomplish this feat.

The live streams below will begin at around 7:45 pm in the UK or around 9:45 pm in Israel. The unmanned spacecraft is set to land around 8:05 pm UK time, completing the manoeuvre by around 8:20 pm UK time.

More landing times around the world are in the Facebook post below:

In Israel, dozens of events are being held around the country, including a “landing party” at the David InterContinental Hotel in Tel Aviv, where thousands of people are expected to watch the landing on big screens.

In the UK, however, we are hoping that this event will get some good media coverage. We haven’t heard of any parties on these isles so we will instead be glued to our screens, watching live streams on YouTube and Facebook.

Fortunately, SpaceIL and the Beresheet team have provided us with the Live steam videos below. You can watch on this page or click onto them to view on YouTube and Facebook respectively.

Be sure to leave some positive comments in support of the amazing work SpaceIL is set to accomplish tonight. You can do that either on Facebook or YouTube.

You can watch it here on YouTube:

You can watch below on Facebook:

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