The Jewish community of Atlanta, Georgia, has broken the Guinness World Record for the largest cookie mosaic, by building an enormous Israeli flag.

Congregation Beth Jacob – in the presence of Michael Empric, a judge from Guinness World Records – used about 117,000 blue-and-white cookies on Sunday to assemble an Israeli flag that was more than 3,200 square feet in size.

The most recent cookie mosaic record was held by a cookie brand in Pakistan, which created a Pakistani flag in Islamabad last summer to celebrate the country’s 70th birthday. That mosaic measured 2,438.15 square feet.

Before that, the record was held by culinary students in Jordan, who created a 2,013.28 square foot mosaic in the shape of the country in 2016.

The Cookies for Israel project used the event to celebrate Israel’s 70th birthday and as a fund-raiser…

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