Israel has sealed the entrances and exits to Gaza on Thursday after a week of rocket fire from Palestinian terrorists. 

Palestinian factions have fired rockets from Gaza on five of the seven days since the US president’s Jerusalem speech, prompting Israeli forces to use the Iron Dome missile defence system and carry out air strikes in retaliation.

Two Palestinian militants have been killed.

The crossings may open on Friday or else will stay closed until at least Sunday.

Israeli officials believe the rockets are being fired by Islamic Jihad, a smaller faction, with the tacit permission of Hamas, the Islamist militant group which controls Gaza.

Israeli policy is to hold Hamas responsible for any rockets from Gaza and Israeli strikes have targeted Hamas outposts.

“The Israeli Defence Forces hold the Hamas terror organisation responsible for the poverty, destruction and despair amongst the citizens of the Gaza Strip,” a spokesman said.

One missile misfired on Wednesday and struck a school inside Gaza.