The Iranian government has launched a “United Shia Liberation Army” that analysts say sends signals that Tehran wants to expand its political and military role in Middle East sectarian lines.

The army is designed to bring together various Shi’ite armies, militias and terrorist groups that will join together, in primarily, Yemen, Syria and Iraq, and receive direct orders from Tehran.

“The forces that belong to this army are not Iranians only. In any place where there is a fight, we organize and recruit local people of the area,” said Mohammad Ali Falaki, a leader in the elite Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s (Iran’s elite armed forces).

What does this mean for Israel?

In another interview Falaki said, “Forming the first nucleus of the liberation army has the objective that, God willing, we will not have anything called Israel in 23 years.” He added that Iranian-led troops have already been deployed on Israel’s border.

The move is a clear indication that Iran is looking to increase tensions in the region with Sunni-dominated countries like Saudi Arabia as well as having the always sought after goal of the destruction of Israel.

One political commentator said that the announcement of the army is “basically declaring that they are going to continue to use foreign fighters to spread sectarian violence, extremism and terrorism across the region.”

Iran has long been the world leader in state sponsored terrorism, with funds moving from the Iranian regime to various terrorist groups around the world. This includes over $70 million per year to Palestinian terrorist groups who murder innocent Israeli civilians. Now, they are looking to formally link the groups together with a single identity and command structure.

World leaders like President Obama declared the Iran nuclear deal a success. However, Iran continues to threaten that they will persue nuclear weapons. Anyone with an ounce of understanding can see that any deal with Iran, a country that is intent on the destruction of Israel, is a bad deal.

It is time that our world leaders wake up to the fact that Iran has not changed and it likely never will.

Here is an Iranian propoganda video that was released this time last year.