Iranian officials are threatening to resume uranium enrichment and quicken their pursuit of a nuclear weapon if the ‘nuclear deal’ is in any way violated.

Ali Akbar Salehi, Iran’s nuclear chief, threatened on Wednesday that his government would resume uranium enrichment and pursue it at a faster pace than before if the US-led P5+1 were to violate the year-old nuclear deal, The Times of Israel reports.

Boasting in an interview with Fars news Salehi, who is the head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organisation, said that Iran was able to enrich uranium at a higher capacity than before the agreement was signed.

“We can go to better conditions compared with the past as quickly as possible,” he said. “Of course, this will happen if the other side violates the nuclear deal and this violation will be confirmed by the board (in Iran) which supervises the nuclear deal.”

His comments came after Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Tuesday that the global influence of the US was impotent and boasted that Iran won out in the landmark nuclear deal last year and that the “US cannot do a damn thing” to intervene in its affairs.

It is important to note that the Israeli government was strongly against the nuclear deal. Last year the deal went through as a ‘victory’ for the West and was praised by British and American lawmakers, including President Obama, and many other countries top diplomats.

Netanyahu has always argued that you cannot trust Iran, and the more we learn the more Netanyahu’s fears are being justified.

Documents obtained on Monday by the Associated Press reveal that key clauses within the deal ease after 10 years. At that stage Iran will be just 6-months away from a nuclear weapon. That is, of course, if the deal lasts that long. It has already been a rocky first year.

Israel has said that the discovery of the document underlined its concerns about the nuclear deal.