Hezbollah’s chief issued stark warning to Jewish state following a recent IDF intelligence report

Hezbollah’s Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah issued a warning to Israel Tuesday night following its conclusion of a massive air force drill simulating war in the north.

“No one can promise that a game of ‘days of battle’ will not transform into an all out war,” Nasrallah remarked in a speech commemorating “martyred commanders,” outlet N12 reported.

“And if a war occurs, Israel’s home front will experience things that have not happened since the formation of Israel,” he warned.

The Lebanese terrorist group’s chief was commenting in large part over an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) security intelligence assessment, estimating that Hezbollah may initiate “restrict” operations against the Jewish state as it continues to seek revenge for the killing of one of its top members.

The IDF noted that the Shiite movement will most likely not seek a full military campaign, but carry out attacks in similar nature to that of Gaza’s ruling Hamas.

In addition, the Israel Air Force (IAF) wrapped up Tuesday a three-day drill, dubbed “Rose of the Galilee,” which saw dozens of jets scrambled to take part in various operations, including aerial combat, attacks on hostile supply lines and securing aerial superiority.

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