Watch the new weekly Bible series from CUFI UK

Welcome to the new weekly Bible series from Christians United for Israel UK. In ‘Lessons from Nehemiah’ CUFI’s Alastair Kirk shares teachings that will strengthen your stand with Israel and encourage you in your own personal walk with God.

Over the series we will draw upon the inspiration of Nehemiah and the return of the Jewish people back to their historic homeland; we’ll see God’s heart for Jerusalem reflected in the obedience of this servant of the Lord; we’ll consider the importance of defending Judeo-Christian values, the dangerous trends of anti-Semitism, the importance of Israel’s peace and security, whilst at the same time building up our own faith during these challenging times.

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‘The Burden for Jerusalem’

Lessons from Nehemiah #1

God gave Nehemiah a burden for Jerusalem that led him to inquire of its condition and have compassion for its people, causing him to weep for the city. We too will develop a burden for Jerusalem when we understand God’s heart for His city.

‘Foundations for Restoration’

Lessons from Nehemiah #2

After hearing the plight of Jerusalem, Nehemiah’s powerful prayer before the Lord is a reminder of some of the keys to experiencing true restoration. We look at his passionate exacting of His ‘great and awesome God’, His recognition of the need for His people to repent of their sins, and the reminder of the relationship with Him through His Covenant and mercy.

‘Faithfulness in Prayer’

Lessons from Nehemiah #3

Standing before the king, Nehemiah’s spontaneous ‘quick-fire’ prayer was simply a reflection of a man already invested in praying for the burden for Jerusalem. We look at the privilege and powerful weapon of approaching the throne of God in prayer at any moment, plus what this means in faithfully praying for Israel.

“For the well-being of Israel”

Lessons from Nehemiah #4

Nehemiah arrived in Jerusalem not to conquer but to rebuild. Rebuilding was not only rightfully and legally permitted with consent from King Artaxerxes, but it was necessary to defend Jews living in the capital of their ancestral homeland. However it was met by two figures who couldn’t stand that Nehemiah wanted to rebuild “for the well-being” of the Jews there.

CUFI’s Alastair Kirk explains how this reaction in Nehemiah 2 is disturbingly similar to the immediate response to the rebirth of the State of Israel in 1948 and why today Israel continues to make it its mission to rebuild.

Let’s rise up and build

Lessons from Nehemiah #5

Nehemiah inspired workers to rise up and build Zion after pointing to the problem, sharing the vision and testifying of God’s goodness and provision. When we choose to obey the Bible and what God says about Israel, figuratively speaking we also become labourers ‘building up Zion’. CUFI’s Alastair Kirk shares how we can do this in practice, but also how the Lord Himself will ‘build up Zion’ and is at the heart of Israel’s story, past, present and future!

Defending a Godly Heritage

Lessons from Nehemiah #6

Nehemiah told opponents Sanballat, Tobiah and Geshem that they had “no heritage or right or memorial in Jerusalem” (Neh 2:20​). Their value of Jerusalem was demonstrated by allowing the city to lie in disrepair. They opposed Nehemiah’s rebuilding project only because their hatred for Jews was far greater than their love for Jerusalem. Whereas for Nehemiah, protecting Jerusalem was also protecting the Biblical heritage of the Jewish people.

In this episode, CUFI’s Alastair Kirk draws from this example, sharing what is meant by a godly heritage, the importance of Judeo-Christian values, why they need defending today more than ever, and how this links with our support for Jerusalem.