The Palestinian Authority (PA)has predictably condemned the governments of Honduras and Nauru after they rightly recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Whilst the PA may condemn these nations, we know that God will bless them.

As Pastor John Hagee says, “Jerusalem has been the epicenter of the Jewish faith since King David danced into the city with the Ark of the Covenant over 3,000 years ago. It is the capital of the Jewish state today.”

CUFI welcomes every nation that blesses Israel and Honduras and Nauru are the latest countries to do so as they recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. We commend their courage and pray God’s blessing upon these nations.

The Palestinian Authority, however, is rather upset. A statement from Hanan Ashrawi — a longtime aide to PA President Mahmoud Abbas and member of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s Executive Committee — said the decision by Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez to open an embassy branch in Jerusalem this week is a “hostile act against the Palestinian people and their inalienable rights.”

“Honduras has aligned itself with rogue states that disregard international law and willfully undermine its standing,” the statement says. This is a complete lie, of course, as Israel is a democracy that is respected throughout the world (despite what the anti-Israel activists tell you). The rogue state is the Palestinian Authority, a dictatorship that squanders the finances of its people to fund the lavish lifestyles of its leaders whilst inciting and funding terrorism against Jews.

“The Palestinian leadership will reassess its relationship with Honduras,” the PA’s statement goes on and calls on Arab states to sever all diplomatic and commercial ties with Honduras to protest Hernandez’s decision. This is the Palestinian leadership’s response to a country taking action it doesn’t like, they seek political boycotts to control, intimidate and ultimately force countries to abide by their rules. This is why so many nations are scared to stand up to the Palestinian leadership because they fear the repercussions. God bless Honduras for not giving in.

The statement also denounced Nauru for its change in policy regarding Jerusalem and its “shameful” voting record at the United Nations on Palestinian issues. If the PA calls its record “shameful”, you can guarentee that Nauru’s voting record shows they don’t blindly vote for everything the UN accuses Israel of doing. What that means is that Nauru is one of the few countries who stands with Israel at the United Nations and has not given in to the anti-Semitic hatred. We would call that voting record “respectable”.

“Nauru is violating also its obligations under international law and the UN Charter and must be held accountable for these violations,” Ashrawi’s statement concludes. Again, a completely farcical statement. It is common for the Palestinian Authority to claim people are breaking “international law” and that they should be held to account, but these claims are meaningless. Israel’s capital is Jerusalem. The Jewish people are the only people to have ever had Jerusalem as the capital of their nation. That is historical and Biblical fact. There is no breaking of international law to recognise this fact. In fact, the international laws are being broken by the countries who refuse to acknowledge the capital city of the host country, in this case Israel. So

The Palestinian Authority have broken international law and human rights laws and continue to do so with impunity.

Mahmoud Abbas and his political colleagues are part of a dictatorship. They won the election of the PA to serve a four-year term. They are now in their 13th year. They should be called a dictatorship and treated as such. The PA pays millions of pounds to terrorist prisoners and the families of “martyrs” every year and have vowed to keep paying this, even if they have to stop funding schools and hospitals, but that again does not draw international criticism. What’s more, they actively encourage terrorism against Israelis and help spread anti-Semitic hatred to their people.

The Palestinian Authority is a racist dictatorship that spreads anti-Semitic hatred and funds terrorism. They should be held to account.

As for Jerusalem, it is the capital city of Israel, the eternal capital of the Jewish people. It should be treated as such and the entire world should recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move their embassies to the city.

Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel

CUFI is calling upon the British Government to officially recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move the UK embassy. A CUFI petition has over 25,000 signatures calling on the government to do just that!

The petition challenges the shocking bias from the UK Government against Israel regarding Jerusalem, highlighting the double standard that exists by situating the UK Embassy to Israel in Tel Aviv, yet having a UK Consulate to the Palestinians in Jerusalem.

Executive Director of CUFI-UK, Des Starritt, says, “As Christians, we believe that we should make a stand for Israel, even in the midst of such biased opposition. We are convinced that recognising Jerusalem, the biblical capital for the Jewish people for over 3,000 years, is the right thing to do.”

Starritt continues, “In 1917 Britain lead the way and recognised the need for the Jewish people to have a national home of their own in the land of Israel. One hundred years later, Britain must recognise the reality of Jerusalem as the capital of that nation. Accepting reality is the first step in working towards peace”:

The reality is that Jerusalem is already the capital of Israel. It has been the capital for the Jewish people for over 3,000 years and for the State of Israel for nearly 70 years. It is where Israel has chosen to place its government and parliament and where British government ministers gather on official visits. And, as Israel’s capital, it is the only capital city in the Middle East where all peoples can live with full religious freedom under Israeli law. This will not change.

The petition continues:

The UK government recognises the legitimacy of the State of Israel yet denies Israel the right of self-determining its capital. No other sovereign nation would accept being told where to locate its own capital.

By not recognising that Israel has the right to determine its capital, Britain is complicit with those that seek to delegitimise the existence of the Jewish State and deny the Jewish connection to Jerusalem.

Alluding to opposition that exists to America’s embassy announcement last week, Des Starritt says, “We realise moving the UK embassy would be a bold and courageous move in the current geo-political climate. However, many nations are being intimidated from doing the right thing because of the threats and violent anger by those who oppose Israel. By forming foreign policy in response to these threats, the UK government is turning its back on our cherished ally, Israel.”

CUFI is calling for all those that believe Jerusalem is the capital of Israel to sign the petition by visiting

We call upon the UK Government to officially recognise Jerusalem is Israel's capital and move its embassy to Jerusalem.

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