The former commander of British forces in Afghanistan, Colonel Richard Kemp, has warned how Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister would stop Britain’s intelligence sharing relationship with Israel.

The comments by Colonel Kemp, who is also a national security expert, came in light of revelations this week that it was the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad, that helped the UK discover a huge stockpile of ammonium nitrate in London in 2015 for use in an Iran-backed, Hezbollah terror plot in the UK.

“Mossad tipped off UK on Hezbollah bomb plot in London in 2015. One of many intelligence warnings provided to the UK by Israel,” Kemp tweeted, “This would be stopped if Corbyn came to power, not by Israel but by Corbyn — he would terminate our intelligence relationship.”

Speaking on Tuesday during a briefing of MPs in Parliament and attended by CUFI, Colonel Kemp said the disruption of the Hezbollah plot was just one example of the vast amount of valuable Israeli intelligence Israel provides which saves the lives of British citizens here in the UK and around the world.

Another, Kemp explained, is Israel’s battlefield medical technology that saves the lives of British troops that are wounded.

Referring to Israel’s seizing last year of secret files about Iran’s nuclear weapons programme, Kemp explained how the “act of valour” by Israeli agents provided information “that was vitally important for Britain to understand the real threat [from Iran].”

Colonel Kemp explained that the UK’s military cooperation with Israel is “some of the closest with any country in the world”. But not only military. Aside from perhaps with the US, the UK enjoys “virtually the closest intelligence cooperation with Israel than with any other country in the world.”

In a veiled reference to Corbyn as Prime Minister, he warned that vital intelligence information would be “thrown out the window” if Israeli intelligence was rejected by the UK.

In a separate tweet, Colonel Kemp further warned that if Corbyn as Prime Minister was to destroy the UK-Israel intelligence relationship, it would also seriously damage the UK-US intelligence relationship.

The Daily Telegraph reported on Sunday that more than three tons of ammonium nitrate was discovered in 2015 leading to an arrest only months after the UK joined other countries in signing the Iran nuclear deal.

Concern has been raised by CUFI regarding why it took four years for Hezbollah to be banned outright in the UK, despite authorities’ knowledge of the plot along with other clear evidence that Hezbollah was and remains a threat to the UK.

There is also speculation that the discovery was kept quiet to avoid derailing the agreement with the Iranian regime, which is the main sponsor of Hezbollah.

The Telegraph reports that the MI5 and the Metropolitan Police raided four properties in North West London after receiving a tip off from a foreign intelligence agency. They discovered thousands of disposable ice packs containing ammonium nitrate, which is a common ingredient in homemade bombs.

The hoard of explosives was more than what was used in the Oklahoma City bombing that killed 168 people and damaged hundreds of buildings. Thanks to British and Israeli intelligence, the London stockpile was discovered and any future terror attack was thwarted.

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The former commander spoke out earlier this year out about Labour’s opposition to the Hezbollah ban, a decision which the Party claimed lacked “any clear evidence”.

Reacting to Labour’s announcement, Kemp tweeted, “Corbyn’s Labour Party may oppose full U.K. ban on the most dangerous terrorist organization in the world: Hizballah. Not surprising — they are Corbyn’s friends. This is why he must never be PM & Abbott must never be Home Secretary. Unfit for office.”

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