Britain’s largest Jewish school has had its website hacked by a people claiming “Islam is the true religion”.

The hackers, ‘Tunisian Fallaga Team,’ caused the website to go down around midday on Wednesday.


After being broken into by the hackers, who also refer to themselves as ‘Gabesi TN and Lation Saber’, JFS, which has around 2,000 Jewish students, took the site offline to remove the hackers’ message.

The message was headed in capital letters: “We are back once again knocking snicks and snitches doors cause your crime is something we don’t forgive.”

There is a symbol which shows a balaclava-clad figure, a Tunisian flag and Arabic writing, which is followed by text condemning “terrorism against Muslims” and which also claimed ‘Islam is the true religion.”

A spokesperson from JFS told Jewish News: “We are grateful for the speedy response of our web support team in rectifying this and ensuring the site was back online within minutes.

Unfortunately attempts such as this are commonplace for many Jewish organisations who are forced to employ actions to mitigate against such nuisances.”

The Community Security Trust said JFS contacted them straight away, and they are working with the school closely on the incident.

Izzy Lenga, who was recently targeted by anti-Semitic abusers on Twitter for highlighting anti-Semitism on her university campus, called the incident ‘terrifying’ on Twitter.

JFS’s website has since gone back online as normal.

Source: Jewish News