Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called for the BBC to take “swift” action to resolve the dispute caused after its report about Jewish teens on a bus being shouted anti-Semitic abuse was edited with an additional claim that one of the victims uttered a “slur about Muslims.”

Meanwhile, BBC board member Sir Robbie Gibb – who was former Prime Minister Theresa May’s communications director – was reportedly left “furious” by the BBC’s reporting of the incident, which took place as the group celebrated Hanukkah on a bus they had hired.

According to the Jewish News, he has questioned editors at the corporation about the coverage of the antisemitic threats made to a group of young Jewish people in Oxford Street.

Read original article: BBC urged to apologise for unfounded ‘anti-Muslim slur’ claim against Jewish victim of bus horror

It followed an intervention from Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries last week, who wrote to BBC Director General Tim Davie demanding to know how far an investigation into the reporting had progressed.

The Board of Deputies have led calls for the BBC to apologise for the report, citing a recording of the incident in which one digital expert suggested editors had misinterpreted the alleged “slur”  – and that the phrase was actually Hebrew for “Call someone, it’s urgent.”

Source: Jewish News

“The BBC is responsible for inciting hatred against Israel”
Col. Richard Kemp

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