“The BBC is responsible for inciting hatred against Israel”
Col. Richard Kemp

As a supporter of CUFI, please contact the UK’s Secretary of State and your MP to raise your concern.

The BBC has spent huge sums of licence fee payers’ money refusing to comply with Freedom of Information requests to publish the long-overdue Balen report. This report was commissioned in 2004 to examine accusations of bias against Israel. In the 11 day conflict between Israel and Hamas earlier this year, we once again saw misreporting and partiality that was inaccurate, emotionally charged and irresponsible. 

Through your help, we would like to share these concerns with the UK’s Secretary of State and MPs.  

Colonel Richard Kemp, former commander of British Forces in Afghanistan, recently stated, “The BBC is responsible for inciting hatred against Israel — not just in Britain but globally. Its agenda helps to ensure continued aggression against the Jewish State; fuels violence by Hamas and other terrorist groups; feeds the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement; encourages distorted condemnation of Israel by human rights groups and international bodies; and provides material to be exploited by activist university professors and students.

“All of this not only seriously harms the reputation of the State of Israel and stimulates antisemitism around the world, it also worsens the suffering of Palestinians by uncritical coverage of the leadership that is responsible for their plight.”

He concludes, “There is little likelihood, without firm intervention by the British government, that the BBC will relinquish its leadership of the global anti-Israel movement that has contributed to so much suffering, misery and bloodshed. “

UK licence payers should not be used to fund a public organisation that has partial views. Please take a few moments to email the government using the suggested wording in our automated form (the letter can be edited). A copy will be sent to your MP. 

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