Western Marble Arch Synagogue has installed a new bullet-proof entrance as anti-Semitism rises throughout the UK and Europe.

The new system only allows one door to be opened at one time, enabling security to check and identify visitors upon entering the synagogue, the Jewish News reports.

The synagogue worked with DW Price Security to create the bespoke entrance, which is designed to be opened by both electronic and mechanical codes, meaning worshipers can enter the synagogue during Shabbat without breaking Shabbat laws.

A synagogue spokesperson told the Jewish News: “I can only compliment the security team on the work and the attention they have given this job. It has been much appreciated.”

James Williams of DW Price Security said: “With the increasing threat of terror around the world, synagogues need to take security more seriously than before.

It is a sad day when one of the UK’s oldest synagogues feels the need to step up its security by installing a new bullet proof entrance. The threats against the Jewish communities throughout Europe are real and we must continue to pray for our Jewish friends and speak out on their behalf.

Please add your voice to the ‘Christians Against Anti-Semitism’ campaign. Together we can stand with the Jewish people against this threat.