An unarmed Israeli security guard was left fighting for his life after his work colleague attacked him from behind with an axe in the latest Palestinian terrorist attack.

Tzvika Cohen, 48, who was unarmed, was the target of a brutal attack late Thursday night as he worked his shift at a mall in Ma’ale Adumim. He was attacked multiple times by Abu Ahmad, who worked at the mall with Cohen. Ahmad had asked Cohen for help and as Cohen turned to open the door for him, Ahmad pulled out an Axe from his jacket and struck him multiple times on the back of the head.

In the grainy video clip, Abu Ahmad can be seen swinging wildly at Cohen as he lies on his back on the floor trying to fend off the blows with his arms and legs. Eventually the attacker overcomes the victim, but even after the victim lie prone and motionless on the ground the blows continue.

A Shin Bet statement said Sunday that it apprehended Ahmad, aged about 20 from the town of al-Eizariya adjacent to Ma’ale Adumim in a joint operation with the IDF and Israel Police.

Abu Ahmad confessed to carrying out the brutal attack, the Shin Bet said. A relative of Abu Ahmad called police on Saturday night and said that the suspect was staying with him and that he was prepared to turn himself in, Channel 2 reported.

We have chosen not to share the link to the video as the attack is extremely graphic.

The family of the victim have expressed horror and dismay on Sunday as security camera footage of the attack was shared via social media and on the internet. With some of the children in the family being sent the video via Snap Chat.

The victim’s brother, Moshe Cohen said, “You can see there how he let loose on him with the axe. His children are likely to see this. How can you treat a child after he sees a film like this?”

Moshe went on to say the terrorist had “crushed (Tzvika’s) head with axe blows,” in an interview with Army Radio on Sunday morning. “He is still in serious condition, anesthetized and hooked up to a respirator. Tomorrow they’ll try to wake him up.”

CUFI Note:  Pray for a full recovery for Tzvika Cohen and for the protection of his children and family members who are having to deal with the mental and emotional trauma associated with seeing this footage.

Source: Times of Israel