An anti-Israel ‘comedian’ decided he would harass Orthodox Jews in New York and release a video about it. However, while his plan was to make them look bad, they ended up making a mockery of him.

Abdullah Almasmari, whose stage name is Dulla Mulla, is a Yemeni-American content creator on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok known for skits and pranks.

He has stirred controversy in the past when he tried to get random Jewish people to say “Free Palestine“. Now in his latest video, the “comedian” is filmed approaching random Jewish people and asking their opinions on the Israel-Palestinian conflict, in what he described as a “social experiment”.

It was clear it was less of an experiment and more a way of trying to humiliate Jews who were simply going about their day.

A number of interactions went viral on social media, including the fact he was largely ghosted/ignored by the Jewish community. Some simply said they couldn’t talk while others acted as if he wasn’t even there – completely ignoring him.

The stand-out moment came from a quick-witted Jew who feigned ignorance of the Israel-Palestinian conflict and ended up causing Almasmari to become visibly agitated. Simply put, the troll got trolled.

“Do you justify Israel’s actions against Palestine?” asked Almasmari.

“What actions are you talking about?” the Jewish man responded.

Almasmari claims that Israelis are “taking people’s homes” to which the main acts shocked, saying, “are they doing that?”

This continues back and forth with the man continually playing ignorant while Almasmari is getting agitated. It should be noted also that Almasmari’s view on the situation is very anti-Israel and filled with untruths about Israel.

The conversation ends with Almasmari asking again about the war between Israel and the Palestinians and the Jewish man acting surprised saying, “I thought the war is in Ukraine, there’s another war also going on now? That’s crazy man these wars gotta stop, that’s crazy.”

The Jewish man finishes as he walks into his building shaking his head and ending the conversation.

You can watch the full exchange below:

While we can appreciate that this was a masterclass in handling an agitator, it is also shameful that the video exists in the first place.

Almasmari claimed his intention was “not to bother anyone, but just to get their opinions.” We highly doubt that.

The video host’s intentions were most likely to mock, humiliate or get a reaction from the Jewish community. He approached them in a brazen manner and when asking questions he showed he was completely misinformed on the Israel-Palestinian issue. It is good that no one took the bait.

“Chasing down Jews to troll them on the street, and holding them collectively responsible for a Middle East conflict is antisemitic,” wrote StandWithUS director Michael Dickson. “And Dulla Mulla’s take on that conflict is simplistic and misinformed. This is a garbage, mean-spirited ‘gotcha’ video.”

“Imagine me walking up to random Muslim women in hijab asking them about the conflict and tying them to Palestine,” said former Miss Iraq Sarah Idan.

We would like to point out that if a Jewish man went into a Muslim neighbourhood, even in a Western nation, and started asking for their views on the Israel-Palestinian conflict while giving a pro-Israel version of events, they likely wouldn’t be greeted with such courtesy.

It is a boon to the Jewish community that they treat such people with respect, even when it is not reciprocated. We see this same attitude mimicked in Israel where Israelis already accommodate a large number of Palestinians living among them while the Palestinian Authority wants to make ‘Palestine’ Jew-free. We even see Israelis being attacked for simply driving into the wrong place in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) or get heckled and abused for simply visiting the Temple Mount while Palestinians can visit and pray at the Western Wall and not once get attacked by Jews.

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