On Friday 23 December the United Nations Security Council passed a biased resolution against Israel, which was shockingly supported by the UK.

ACT NOW: Send email to PM Theresa May

The wording of UNSCR 2334 elevates the issue of settlements above all other issues needed to secure a final and just peace settlement and as a result presents some serious consequences.

For example, by specifically including East Jerusalem and by extension the Western Wall, describing it as an “illegal settlement”, Britain has supported a position that breaks all previous protocols and creates more contentious issues rather than less.

Despite the daily atrocities in the Middle East perpetuated by countries where democracy is alien concept, the UN resolution highlights ‘settlements’ in the disputed territories as the source of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. The UN has effectively given the Palestinians the right to use pre-conditions as an excuse never to negotiate peace.

This UN Resolution does nothing for peace and indeed will further embolden Palestinian leadership to incite yet more terror in Israel and especially Jerusalem.

The British Government’s sponsorship of this anti-Israel resolution appears as a betrayal of UK support for Israel. Considering Theresa May’s recent assurances to the Jewish community and vocal support for Israel, it is essential this doesn’t pass by without us holding the Government to account.

The UK Government played a major role in this initiative and we must make it clear to our Prime Minister and our elected MPs that this action was not taken in our name and that we demand answers about how and why Britain took part.

In partnership with Israel Britain Alliance, we are asking you to please send an email to Theresa May, with a copy to your MP, challenging the UK’s decision. Using the automated email template and MP lookup, you can do this in just a few simple steps by clicking the link below. Here are the questions we are asking Theresa May:

  • What involvement did Britain have in drafting and promoting this flawed resolution?
  • How does the British Government see this resolution helping the peace process?
  • In future will the UK commit to distance itself from these biased anti-Israel resolutions at the UN?
  • Will your government make a stand and become a true friend of Israel?

ACT NOW: Send email to PM Theresa May