Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday night called for the world to recognise the “State of Palestine” in 2017.

“We are calling for 2017 to be the year of international recognition of the State of Palestine, because more recognitions will strengthen the possibility of achieving a two-state solution and real peace,” Abbas said in a televised speech at a ceremony marking the 52nd anniversary of Fatah’s official founding.

The UN General Assembly granted “Palestine” nonmember observer state status in 2012 and a total of 136 states have recognised the “State of Palestine,” including more than 30 since Abbas took office in 2005.

Abbas also took the opportunity to gloat over Israel about the recent UN vote last week.

“I say to you that settlements on the land of the occupied State of Palestine are on their way out,” he said. “We attained a historic UN Security Council resolution… which said that any changes since 1967 to the demographic composition or land of the State of Palestine including east Jerusalem are unacceptable.”

Security Council Resolution 2334, which was passed on December 23, says settlement have “no legal validity” and are an obstacle to peace. They also labelled the Western Wall as “occupied”. This resolution has been strongly condemned by Israel.