Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s office released pictures of the 83-year-old as he is recovering in hospital on Monday featuring an anti-Semitic cartoon on the back cover.

The pictures were intended to dispel rumours that the Palestinian leader’s condition in hospital was more serious than first reported. Whilst the leader looks well in the picture and in the video of him walking through the hospital in Ramallah, the newspaper he is holding is quite sick.

Hadashot News pointed out that the newspaper Abbas was pictured reading prominently carried a large cartoon on its back page, facing the camera, showing an Israeli soldier taking a baby’s milk away from her and ramming poison down her throat instead. “It is not clear” whether the choice of newspaper page was deliberate, the TV report said.

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It is important to note that this newspaper is the official newspaper of the Palestinian Authority, the most widely circulated in the so-called West Bank, and its message is endorsed by the Palestinian leadership.

Last month Abbas drew criticism from leaders around the world when he made abhorrent anti-Semitic remarks, blaming Jewish behaviour for the Holocaust and saying the Jews have no history in Israel.